Athletes Handbook
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一、Race profile
(一)Race date and time
15:30 pm Oct 30 2016 (Sunday)
(二)The venue
The west coast of Haikou City Holiday Beach
(三)Race events
Men and Women Beach Marathon (10.5km)
Men and Women Mini Beach Run (2.5km)
(四)The route (In the plane of the 4 km run back and forth on the beach)
Beach Marathon
Starting point -- east back down the 1.5km to west--5.25km down the back—9 km east to west to the finish. Total length is 10.5 km.
Mini Beach Run
Starting point - -to the east to the end. Total length is 2.5km.
(五)The game process
Stored clothes Roll call time Opening ceremony Departure time Awards time Game closed print match certification Receive match package Get clothes cut-off time  
15:30 17:00 18:00 After 24 hours of the game online print Receive immediately after reaching the end point 19:00  
(六)Check in for the race
No. Time for check-in Athletes to check in Place for check-in
1 Two days prior to Oct 28 Foreign and domestic athletes
Further notice
2 Two day prior to Oct 28 The province, mini beach runners
二、Requirements on participation
(一) Qualification
Beach marathon participants must be at least 18 years old (born before1998).
Mini beach runners haven’t limit to gender and age. Children under 13years of age (born before2003) must have a guardian to accompany the running.
Beach marathon contestants regardless of nationality, regardless of occupation, adhere to long-distance running exercise, the health of the body can be enrolled in the race.
The following diseases sufferers should not participate in the race: Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease sufferers / hypertension and cerebrovascular disease sufferers / myocarditis and other heart disease sufferers / coronary artery disease sufferers and severe arrhythmia sufferers / diabetic patients with too high or too low blood sugar / other disease patients unsuitable to take the race.
Note:  1. Participants must provide the proof of good health issued by medical institutions, or you can’t compete. Participate in the mini beach players from the unit to the hospital for physical examination, the body is not qualified to participate in the game.
2. Marathon brings both mental and physical challenges, so we have to regard safety as the first goal and must learn to "give up" at appropriate time. When you feel not good, please take the initiative to withdraw from the race or seek for help from others. Athletes should run according to their capability during the race, and should withdraw from the race if feeling indeed incapable of continuing running, so as to avoid accidents.
(二)Receive race articles
For the mini beach run, the sport event T-shirts, the number cards and certifications are taken by the leaders of each team.
 Beach marathon players report to pay registration form, to receive the number cloth, a cloth package, athletes manual, a chip and a T-shirt.
(三)Number and time of enrollment
1. 1500, for beach marathon, 1500 for Mini beach run. (All application will be subject to reply received the confirmation of the organizing committee)
2.Time:  Starting in September 1st to open the website enrollment, October 20th ended enrollment.
 (四) Enroll method
1.Website applicants please logs in the event's official website ( to complete theenrollment and payment. Online registration will be printed down the registration form to keep good, when the report to the registration office.
Contact:  lv Shenjiang  13401150583
2.Charge standard
①Participate in the beach marathon project 100 yuan per person.
②Participate in the beach marathon of the province's 80 yuan per person (to the province's identity card).
③The 2015 winners, registered in the China athletics athletes, athletes invited to waive enrollment fees.
Note: Registered in association of Chinese track and field athletes must pass the Chinese athletics association registration online enrollment system, the organizing committee will not accept directly for enrollment.
⑤Mini beach run project charge fee RMB 50 Yuan per person.
⑥ After signing up participants, not refund the registration fee.
(五)The organizing committee is responsible for all guest players free three days (Oct 28 – Oct 30) board and lodging, and free entry fees. Other athletes’ transportation, room and board, medical treatment expenses, etc
三、Competition regulation
(一)The latest Athletic Competitive Rules formulated by International Association of Athletics Federations and Chinese Athletic Association and current Beach Marathon Competition Rules will be implemented.
(三)Roll call: Unified time according to the professional men and women groups, amateur group of men and women, mini run separately sign.
(四) Starting order: Beach Marathon, Mini Run. Order: Beach marathon invited abroad players, domestic registration players, the abroad and domestic amateur players, Mini run players.
(五)Using a gun to the game, each project starts at the same time.
(六)Full beach marathon race adopts chip timing system. The beach marathon set four induction time points: the end, the first turning point, the second turning point, the third turning point. Players in the game must go through the induction of the ground timing belt, if lack of any a timing point, the player's performance will be cancelled. The game uses a one-time timing chip, after the game is not recycling. No time to the mini beach run, athletes to the end can be.
(七)Cloth: Participants may not wear long sleeved clothes and trousers to participate in the competition. Beach marathon, mini beach runners recommended wearing the uniform of the general assembly to participate in the competition. Athletes must wear without nail (nail nails or glue) rubber shoes, also can only wear socks or playing barefoot (wear socks or vulnerable to sundry cut foot race).
(八)Close distance and time
The competitors do not finish the match in the specified time, please stop the game, and the referee take off his chest number cloth,immediately withdraw from the track.
Close the distance and time (Starting Time)
Project Mini run Beach marathon
Close the distance 2.5 km(end point) 8km 10.5km(end point)
Close time 1:00 2:00 2:30
Closing time after staring 16:30 17:30 18:00
(九). Items storage
Beach marathon participants and women group runners should store personal items in accordance with provisions and should not store valuables in the runner’s bag (such as mobile phones, valid certificates, cash, computer, mp3, etc.). Athletes can store personal items at the specified cloak-room during the period from 14:00 to15:15 on race day. Mini beach runners do not provide storage services, to solve their own .The close time of cloak-room is 19:00, and athletes must take back their clothes before this close time. 
(十). Athletes violating race regulations will be punished
The Organizing Committee will implement video surveillance over the departure point, the whole course and the end point. Athletes with the following conditions will be canceled the race result and race qualification, two years can’t attend International Beach Marathon competition Haikou, and those in serious circumstances will be subject to additional punishment imposed by Chinese Athletics Association.
1. Fill in a false age, or have others run in the name of the athletes concerned.
2. One athlete wear two chips one of which belongs to others (Including the male athletes carrying female athletes) to participate in the race.
3. Not obey the command of the referee, start to run without following the starting sequence.
4. Rush to run without following the specified starting time.
5. Not stop running at close time, or blocked by the close door but not willing to remove the number cloth.
6. Not finishing the whole course according to specified line, or insert by the faster route or transport.
7. Reach the end repeatedly in order to get souvenir.
8. Not finish all the way through the end to collect souvenirs.
9. Not wear number cloth in the competition according to the requirements of assembly.
10. To forge two number clothes, many alternative for running.
11. Not follow the attendant's instructions, interfere with the event, riot, fighting.
12. Others disobey the Competition Rules.
(十一)Race number cloth of wearing methods, requirements and regulations
The men's Beach marathon invited players number cloth red background, white A prefix, each 3 block number.
The women's Beach marathon invited players number cloth yellow background,red A prefix, each 3 block number.
The men's Beach marathon Professional number cloth red background, white B prefix, each 3 block number.
The women's Beach marathon professional players number cloth yellow background , red B prefix, each 3 block number.
The men's Beach marathon amateurs number cloth red background, white C prefix, each 3 block number.
The women's Beach marathon amateurs number cloth yellow background, red C prefix, each 3 block number.
Mini beach running player number for the white background, red font, 1 pieces of cloth per person.
1. Race number cloth
Athletes must wear the uniform race number cloths provided by the Organizing Committee to participate in the race. Race number cloth indicates that an athlete has registered to participate in the race, and only athletes wearing number cloths are allowed to enter the roll call area and starting area.  
2. Regulations on wearing number cloth
During the race, all players must wear two number cards (on chest and back),other is sewn on the bag .The number cloth is forbidden to be transferred and lent to others, otherwise any consequences resulted thereof shall be borne by the original number cloth holders; it will be deemed a violation of regulations if any athlete does not wear (including the situation where the number cloths worn is insufficient) number cloths, or with number cloth blocked or altered, and the athlete in violation of regulations will be canceled of the qualification and will not be granted the result certificate.
The athlete failing to finish the whole course will be required to give one number cloth (the one before chest) to a referee when the athlete is picked up by the shelter car provided by the Organizing Committee.
Mini beach runners wear 1 pieces of cloth, sewn in the chest of the match clothes.
3. After receiving number cloths, each participant must write name, address, phone, blood type and emergency contact address (telephone) on two pieces of number cloths with a waterproof pen, so that the Organizing Committee and rescue workers can understand every athlete’s information and contact his family and friends promptly in case he has any accident during the race.
(十二)Beverage / drink water / water station
1. Beverage station
There is a beverage station set every 4km, 6.5km along the course from the departure point to the end point, for the participants to use.
Classification and placement:
Self-prepared beverages are placed on red cloth, energy drinks on blue cloth, drinking water on white cloth, using water on yellow cloth. The beverages on red cloth are self prepared by athletes, and others are not allowed to take.
2. Self prepared beverage
Any beach marathon runner needing to use self-prepared drinks should send the drink to the beverage management office between 9:00am on Oct 30.
(十三)Medical aid, rescue / Toilet
       According to the characteristics of the beach marathon race (beach car is not too much to drive on the beach so as to prevent dust and more impact athletes running), rescue work to the site, the area responsible for the management, that is, along the way every mile to arrange an ambulance, each ambulance point with a doctor, nurse and a beach car. Off the ground, there are two ambulances on standby.
There will be a lot of volunteers and referees along the route, and they are available to offer help. If any referee thinks any athlete not suitable to continue running, such athlete should listen to the advice of doctor and the referee, stop running, get on the shelter car, remove the number cloth before chest and give it to the referee. In the game, if the player loses consciousness, automatic emergency volunteer Organizing Committee commissioned by all means first aid, including but not limited to CPR AED cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, leased vehicles rapid transport. The resulting legal liability and the costs borne by the player himself, will not pursue any legal and economic participate in the emergency rescue volunteer responsibilities.
From the end point, the first turning point (1.5 km), second turning point (5.25 km) is placed in the mobile toilet.
   The top 30 of the men and women athletes were awarded to the beach marathon, according to the specific award amount in accordance with the Rules of Competition.
Beach marathon roadmap
See back cover 2
Before-race tips
(一)Before-race psychological preparation
    1.The first-time beach marathon participants are recommended to take some physical examinations: including heart, blood pressure, blood chemistry examination (congenital heart disease sufferers and patients with heart disease history, and patients with abnormal blood lipids, blood glucose, liver and kidney indicators are not allowed to participate in the race) ;
2. Foot care: trim feet nails and foot calluses, and seek medical treatment if with ruptured wound;
3. Marathon brings both mental and physical challenges, so we have to regard safety as the first goal and must learn to "give up" at appropriate time. When you feel not good, please take the initiative to withdraw from the race or seek for help from others.
(二)Get ready for the race
1. Do not eat fried, over-sweet food and meat products for breakfast;
2. Do not undress too early: the aim is to maintain body temperature and prevent injury;
3. Get some adaptation exercise at the time 30 minutes before race: the aim is to improve body temperature and improve the movement of heart;
(4) Fat participants and participants with thick tendon should smear petrolatum paste over the crotch, in order to prevent skin injury.
七、Race tips
(一)  During-race notes
1. Runners will feel "uncomfortable" after running for about 10-20 minutes, and this is called the "the first limit state", which is a normal body experience. The solution is very simple, that is to slow down, regulate the breathing or walk for 2 to 3 minutes, and runners will feel comfortable again when the " uncomfortableness" past.
2. Usually, runners without marathon training will meet the body's "movement physical limit" status after running for about 30-35 minutes, including muscle pain, joint pain, very strong fatigue, and also including the psychology of giving up, etc. In case of the said situation, please withdraw from the race, because "continued running" may threaten the life;
3.It would be better every marathon participant run at his own pace, without competing against others, otherwise it will destroy the runner’s original rhythm of running and breathing;
4. Usually, marathon participant should take some sugar-contained drink or energy drink after running for 5 kilometers.
(二) Post-race tips
1. Keep warm, take in water and food promptly (carbohydrates only);
2. Do remember not to take sauna or hot bubble bath, etc. on the race day;
3. Massage is acceptable;
4. A 10 to 20 minutes jogging at the time 24 hours after the race will effectively help you recover from fatigue;
5. Please consult experts and psychologists if you have any physical and mental problems during or after the race.

                      International Beach Marathon Competition Haikou 2016
                                                 Sep 2016

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