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. Check in
  (一) Officials and referees
1. Chinese Athletics Association officials, specially invited guests, the technical representatives, technical officials appointed by Chinese Athletics Association, The referees appointed by Hainan Athletics Association should check in at Haikou Tianyou Hotel on Oct.28.
(二)The participating teams and athletes
1. The foreign guest athletes, domestic professional athletes in October 28th to Tianyou Hotel registration.
2. The beach marathon players on October 28 -29 9:00-20:00 to Tianyou Hotel registration.
3. Mini beach marathon runners on the morning of October 28th at 9:00- PM 20:00 to Tianyou Hotel registration.
4. Athletes should be submitted to the registration confirmation letter to report.
Note: (1) Tianyou Hotel address: No. 239 Haikou Binhai Road, Xiuying District
(2) contact: Wang Liyang 15607510933
(3) To pick Chinese athletics officials, guests, technical representatives and technical officials appointed by the China athletics please contact the organizing committee, contact: Zheng Yun 18689989770
二.The participating equipment pick-up
1. Beach marathon athletes to complete the registration on the spot after picking up the equipment (number cloth, bag, timing chip, T-shirt).
2. Mini beach athletes to complete the registration on the spot to pick up the number cloth, T-shirt, the Memorial certificate.
3.The team players can be unified by the leader of the team to receive equipment.
Note: contact: Zheng Yun 18689989770
三.Competition notes
 (一) In the China Athletic Association athletes are also registered to the tournament's official website with ID card entries, waive registration fees (It should be prove that you are a registered player, to waive registration fees). At the same time, Athletes must take the Registration card to roll-call.
(二) Invited foreign athletes must take passport (original) to roll-call.
(三) Please submit your self-prepared beverages to Tianyou Hotel lobby during the period from 9:00 to 11:00 on Oct.30.
. Others
 (一) Due to the irresistible natural disasters caused changing the game time , the athletes personal losses by the individual himself. The organizing committee is not responsible but can return entry fee.
(二) No longer issued "Athletes Handbook"when athelets check in, please open the competitions website individual reading, and  reading " Competition Rules", "Supplementary Notice" and other important documents to obtain more information.
五. Matters further notice during check in

Haikou International Beach Marathon Organizing Committee
September 2016

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