Haikou International Beach Marathon 2016 Competition Rules
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一.Race time
15:30 pm Oct 30 2016 (Sunday)
二.The venue
The west coast of Haikou City Holiday Beach
三.The events
(一)Men's and women’s Beach Marathon (10.5km)
(二)Men's and women’s mini beach run (2.5 km)
四.Competition regulation
    (一)The latest Athletic Competitive Rules formulated by Chinese Athletic Association and current Beach Marathon Competition Rules will be implemented.
   (二)The circuit will be arranged in 4 km more smooth running back and forth on the beach of the sea.
(三) Roll call: Unified time, prescribed places respectively according to the special invited, the registration, amateur, mini group for roll call.
(四) Starting order: Beach Marathon, Mini Run. Order: Beach marathon invited abroad players, domestic registration players, the abroad and domestic amateur players, Mini run players.
(五)Using a gun to the game, each project starts at the same time.
(六)Full beach marathon race adopts chip timing system. The whole set four induction time points: the end, the first turning point, the second turning point, the third turning point. Players in the game must go through the induction of the ground timing belt, if lack of any a timing point, the player's performance will be cancelled. No time to the mini beach run, athletes to the end can be.
(七)Cloth: Participants may not wear long sleeved clothes and trousers to participate in the competition. Athletes can wear without nail (nail or nails glue) rubber shoes, also can only wear socks or playing barefoot (wear socks or vulnerable to sundry cut foot race).
(八)Close distance and time (Starting Time)
The competitors do not finish the match in the specified time, please stop the game, and the referee take off his chest number cloth,immediately withdraw from the track.
Close the distance and time
Project Mini run Beach marathon
Close the distance 2.5 km(end point) 8km 10.5km(end point)
Close time 1:00 2:00 2:30
Closing time after 16:30 17:30 18:00
十. Race articles
The Organizing Committee will distribute race articles to athletes upon the check-in: number cloth, runner’s bag, T-shirt, Handbook, chips, and other items. The beach marathon runners in a specified time to complete the race will get the commemorative medals, food etc. Mini beach runners issue number cloth, T-shirt, entry certificate and other items
十一. Items storage
Beach marathon participants and women group runners should store personal items in accordance with provisions and should not store valuables in the runner’s bag (such as mobile phones, valid certificates, cash, computer, mp3, etc.). Athletes can store personal items at the specified cloak-room during the period from 14:00 to15:15 on race day. The close time of cloak-room is 19:00, and athletes must take back their clothes before this close time. Mini beach runners do not provide storage services, to solve their own .
十二.Beverage/drinking water station, toilet and clinics
  1. In the start and end, 4km and 6.5 km sets up drink/drinking water station.
(二)In the start and end, 1.5 km and 5.25 km sets up public toilets. 
(三) The route arrange medical station.  In the start and end, 1.5 km, 6 km have fixed an ambulance.
十三. Athletes violating race regulations will be punished
The Organizing Committee will implement video surveillance over the departure point, the whole course and the end point. Athletes with the following conditions will be canceled the race result and race qualification, two years can’t attend International Beach Marathon competition Haikou, and those in serious circumstances will be subject to additional punishment imposed by Chinese Athletics Association.
1. Fill in a false age, or have others run in the name of the athletes concerned.
2. One athlete wear two chips one of which belongs to others (Including the male athletes carrying female athletes) to participate in the race.
3. Not obey the command of the referee, start to run without following the starting sequence.
4. Rush to run without following the specified starting time.
5. Not stop running at close time, or blocked by the close door but not willing to remove the number cloth.
6. Not finishing the whole course according to specified line, or insert by the faster route or transport.
7. Reach the end repeatedly in order to get souvenir.
8. Not finish all the way through the end to collect souvenirs.
9. Not wear number cloth in the competition according to the requirements of assembly.
10. To forge two number clothes, many alternative for running.
11. Not follow the attendant's instructions, interfere with the event, riot, fighting.
12. Others disobey the Competition Rules.
十四. Awards
  • Beach Marathon
1. Male and female top 30 players can be obtained the following bonuses (RMB) 
Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-8 9-10 11-15 16-20
bonuses man 15000 7000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000 600 500
womam 15000 7000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000 600 500
Ranking 21-25 26-30
bonuses man 400 300
woman 400 300
Note: (1) Male and female top three players respectively awarded a trophy and a medal.
(2) In accordance with the stipulations of Chinese Tax law, the above bonuses will be deducted 20% income tax.
(二)The ranking of mini beach run players will not be counted.
十五. Requirements on participation
  1. Participants’ age and physical condition requirements:
  2. Beach marathon participants must be over the age of 18 years (born 1998), and those in good physical condition are allowed to participate.
  3. Mini beach age limit of 13 years or more (born 2003), under the age of 18 young children must have a guardian to accompany runs allowed to check-in and registration, the guardian must be shall be granted with run.
3. People with the following diseases should not participate in the race:
1. Patients with congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;
2. Patients with hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;
3. Patients with myocarditis and other heart disease;
4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia sufferers;
5. Diabetic patients with too high or too low blood sugar;
6. Patients with other diseases making them not suitable to exercise.
(二)Enrollment method:
(1)Enrollment and payment method:
The contestants only enroll on the website. Enrollment time: from September 15th to October 10th, please visit the tournament's official website ( to complete the registration fee and print the "confirmation" (report to be submitted to the "confirmation" to give the report).
(1)website registration
Registration time: from October 15th to November 15th, please log in the official website ( to complete the registration fee.
(2) Applicants can visit to search whether their applications go smoothly.
(3)Charge standard
1. Full beach marathon runner 100 yuan per person, Hainan local players 80 yuan per person (to the identity card information).
2. Mini beach run project charge fee RMB 50 Yuan per person.
3. One time more than 20 people enrolled in the full marathon marathon project to enjoy the group registration price, 80 yuan per person.
4.2015 winners waive enrollment fees.
5. Registered in association of Chinese track and field athletes must pass the Chinese athletics association registration online registration system, the organizing committee will not accept directly for registration, for free.
6. Invited players  waive enrollment fees.
 7.After signing up participants, not refund the registration fee.
(三) The organizing committee is responsible for all guest players free three days (October 28to October 30) board and lodging.
(四)Other athletes’ transportation, room and board, medical treatment expenses, etc.
(五) Check in for the race
1.Foreign and Chinese athletes report on October 28 (two days in advance)
2.Athletes from Hainan report on October 29(a day in advance)
3. Mini beach runners report to the date to be notified.
十七. Others
() .Insurance
The organizing committee to insure all athletes’ personal insurance
(二)Technical representative, technical officials, arbitration and the referee
 Chinese athletics association will be assigned technical representative, technical officials,  Other judges appointed by the Hainan province track and field association.
(三) The results of the competition query
Individual performance and other information can be directly on the official website of the query.
十七. Contact
(一)Event site enrollment contact : Lv Shenjiang  13401150583
(二)Tournament competition department contact : Zheng Yun  18689989770
(三)Tournament organizing committee contact : Lin Shusheng 13976922999
(四)Haikou International Beach marathon official website:
十八.Matters not covered here will be subject to separate notice. The right to interpret these rules belongs to Haikou International Beach Marathon Organizing Committee.

         Haikou International Beach Marathon Organizing Committee 
                                    October 2016

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