Online registration process
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Online registration process
Reading the 2013 Haikou beach international marathon competition regulation and the competition's handbook
Into the online registration system carefully read, understand and accept the contestant statement
Fill in personal information
Confirm and save the personal registration information
Wire transfer fee, fax, telegraphic transfer list
Printing individual entry form and signature (stamp)
Report it to the organizing committee and submitted before the ID card and application form for entry items
1. The applicants should fill in the registration information true and accurate.
2. Address:
account name :Sports Associations of Hainan Province
account :198001040000010
Bank :Haikou Daying Sub-branch of Agricultural Bank of China
Within 2 working days after application of the remittance receipt copy of fax to the organizing committee's office  (fax:0086-898-65370334).
3. Time signing up:October 10 ----November 10, 8:00am to 12:00am every day.
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